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About Walsh Pilates in Baton Rouge

About Walsh Pilates Studio in Baton Rouge

Walsh Pilates Studio in Baton Rouge

Walsh Pilates and Lifestyle is a Pilates Studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We have serviced the Baton Rouge area for 9 years. There are many Pilates Studios in Baton Rouge, but at Walsh Pilates, our exceptionally well-trained, certified instructors elevate your Pilates practice from good to truly great.

Our personalized method of teaching Pilates will help create longer leaner muscles, a slimmer mid-section, improved overall posture, and with consistency an entirely new body. The key is the classical and contemporary methods of training that our teachers are qualified to teach.

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About Elizabeth Walsh Nachman

Elizabeth Walsh Nachman

Elizabeth Walsh Nachman, owner of Walsh Pilates, is a Certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor. She has trained under this pilates method for over 10 years. She trained in New York under Romana Krysanowska who was chosen by Joseph Pilates to carry on his method. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in human-movement science. Elizabeth is now working with Peak Pilates to provide Instructor Certification at Walsh Pilates. She is one of nine highly skilled instructors at Walsh Pilates.

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Our Certified Pilates Instructors

Our Instructors are highly skilled and certified through intensive training programs. Their certifications include Peak Pilates, Romana’s Pilates, and Stott Pilates. All of the programs require hundreds of hours to become certified. Our Trainers will find your weaknesses and train to your individual body. Read more

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Instructor Certification

Walsh Pilates and lifestyle will be hosting classical Pilates instructor certification programs through Peak Pilates, at our facility throughout the year. The Peak PilateSystem® (PPS) Series is a multi-level certification program that provides integrated and systematic instruction on the mat, reformer and Cadillac.Read more

Our Method and Goal

We Teach Classical Pilates, the same way Joseph Pilates originally intended. We believe in the classical method of Pilates. Our method has over 500 exercises that were created by Joseph Pilates. We keep true to his method. Our instructors have been certified through either Romana’s Pilates program at True Pilates New York or through Peak Pilates. Peak Pilates also has a classical education program with training facilities around the globe.


The attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body, with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous, zest, and pleasure

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